About Company

Burshtat is a Belarusian distributor of German, Israeli, Polish, Italian, as well as Russian household chemicals, cosmetics, cotton-paper and urological products since 2007. Being the advanced importer, the company offers wholesale buyers the widest range of a good quality cosmetics and household chemicals for the house.

We organize automobile deliveries of products to your warehouse throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Our regional sales representatives in the largest industrial centers of the country and employees of the branch in Gomel allow us to quickly meet the needs and monitor the dynamics of the market.

Burshtat company offers only certified products that meet the requirements of the Belarusian quality and safety standards for consumers.

Today’s position and credibility in the business world largely depends on employees. Our employees are a team of like-minded people, going in one direction to a common goal.

We believe that the consumer should have the right to choose good quality products and to improve the quality of their standard of living. We supply high-quality and environmentally friendly product that meets the requirements of the consumer.

The important component of our work is our large modern warehouse complex. It allows us to carry out wholesale deliveries of goods from a warehouse in Minsk and to constantly have an available wide range of more than 1000 names in product range.